Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All I am going to say is Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Ok, so on Saturday Jeff and I went out on a date night.(With Miss Looloo of coarse) We drove around looking at houses :) and then headed down to Phils BBQ (YUM). When we got there, there was a line. So we waited in line for about 20 minutes. In front of us, was a creepy couple... and I'll tell you why. So this guy tells us.. "My wife LOVES babies, so don't get concerned when she is touching yours." So the first red flag goes up in my head :)
So his wife shows up, and starts going crazy over Gracie.. she's touching her all over... and of coarse Gracie is loving it. So then this lady starts giving us parenting advice, and so is the creepy husband. They are thinking that Gracie is our first :) So this couple is talking about raising their daughters.. didn't have any sons.. but that didn't stop them from learning to shoot a gun, or plays sports ect...
So in the middle of them telling us about how great daughters are, the wife tells me what a wonderful father her husband is.. and how he can help teach Jeff anything he needs to know.. and he can also show Gracie how to put a tampon in someday, if we would like him to. UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck did she just say??? I quickly look at Jeff and he is not making eye contact with me.. but doesn't move forward when the line starts moving forward. I am thinking, oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! She did not just say that. What is WRONG with her. So they are continuing to talk to us. I am trying to study the menu.. and Gracie is thrilled with the Korean guys behind us.. who are doing everything in the power to make her laugh. I found that super cute. At one point, Gracie was holding one of the guys fingers. Yes, two grown Korean men giving my daughter attention was less creepy then the couple in front of us!
So we finally ordered and sat AWAY from the creepy couple.. and enjoyed our YUMMY ribs. When we got in the car. I look at Jeff and say, "What in the world?" "Please, please tell me that man did not help his daughters put in tampons." "And WHY, would she think its ok to say that her husband can help Gracie put in tampons someday?" Jeff told me, he didn't want to think about it, it made him sick to his stomach.
So that's my Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww story.

Oh and Gracie stoled a spoon from there! Jeff's fault!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, I actually have said this..

"Stop growling at your sister."
"Get your hands out of your pants, it's disgusting."
"No, you may not have cookies for breakfast."
"Who peed in the vent?"
"If you are going to play with yourself, please do it in your bedroom."
"Never trust a fart, something else may come out and surprise you."
"We do not play with your brother's penis."
"No, I do not have a penis. No, it doesn't tickle when I go over bumps."
"Leave my breast alone, go play with your own."

.... I have many more sayings.. and I will leave the rest for another post :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Short and disgusting :)

So tonight at dinner, Caleb toots and laughs. He knows he should not force it out.. but he does anyway. So he does it for a bit.. and then Jamey toots.. starts laughing and says.. mama our farts are talking to each other.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downtown San Diego with a baby :)

Last night Jeff and I went out to dinner downtown for our good friend Marks bday. We decided to take Miss Looloo with us.. because she's very attached to me.. and she will scream for anyone and everyone. It was so weird being downtown with a baby.. and yes we got some strange looks :)
So during dinner Miss Looloo poops her pants.. and so I go into the bathroom to change her... and there is no changing table. So I put the lid down on the toilet and put her changing pad on it. Of coarse she doesn't fit, so the pad is sliding all over the place. She has poop all over her back and bum. I am holding her by the ankles bending her in half trying to get a new wipe out of those frustrating Costco wipes.. and she slides off the toilet and almost hits her head on the floor. So picture this.. she is hanging upside down, dress over her head.. poop everywhere, and I am trying to wipe off the pad, put it back on the toilet, get wipes out to clean her back and bum and put a new diaper on her. I managed.. but man was I little peeved at the restaurant for not having a place to change her. It was fun, and she was so good. All the people sitting around us, we're more interested in her, than their food. It was cute. Men we're diving under tables just to get her pacifier. It was funny to watch.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday