Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downtown San Diego with a baby :)

Last night Jeff and I went out to dinner downtown for our good friend Marks bday. We decided to take Miss Looloo with us.. because she's very attached to me.. and she will scream for anyone and everyone. It was so weird being downtown with a baby.. and yes we got some strange looks :)
So during dinner Miss Looloo poops her pants.. and so I go into the bathroom to change her... and there is no changing table. So I put the lid down on the toilet and put her changing pad on it. Of coarse she doesn't fit, so the pad is sliding all over the place. She has poop all over her back and bum. I am holding her by the ankles bending her in half trying to get a new wipe out of those frustrating Costco wipes.. and she slides off the toilet and almost hits her head on the floor. So picture this.. she is hanging upside down, dress over her head.. poop everywhere, and I am trying to wipe off the pad, put it back on the toilet, get wipes out to clean her back and bum and put a new diaper on her. I managed.. but man was I little peeved at the restaurant for not having a place to change her. It was fun, and she was so good. All the people sitting around us, we're more interested in her, than their food. It was cute. Men we're diving under tables just to get her pacifier. It was funny to watch.


crazydaisy said...

Awesome! Regardless of what WE think, the babies are the stars of the show!!!

Mary Zolene said...


Sources of Joy said...

So funny! I can picture it perfectly. But the attention surely made up for the hassle with the toilet seat lid and the whole dropping-her-almost-on-her-head thing.

Cute new design, by the way! :)

EveryChapter said...

Love the new design. And your story, oh my! I actually laughed out loud. You poor thing.