Friday, June 5, 2009

My little lady bug

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Move me on up to the first grade.....

It is a bittersweet day. Caleb graduated from Kindergarten. As I write I am teary eyed. Why is this harder than seeing him start kindergarten? Maybe because he is growing up. Maybe because I LOVE his teacher... and I will have to start all over next year. I am so proud of him. He went into kindergarten a baby, and now he is reading... and saying "oh mom!" I am mom, not mama anymore. I am doing my job, teaching him to be independent, to be able to survive in this world, without me having to take care of him. I am doing exactly what I am suppose to do... yet I am so sad. Will he stop holding my hand in public? Will he stop running up and telling me he loves me and stop giving me kisses? Will he stop telling me all about his day? Will he stop talking to me period? I was told to cherish everything. I am trying... but it's moving to fast. I turned around for a second, and he is already six and entering the first grade. Where did all that time go? Why is life speeding up full force? He is so thrilled to be getting bigger. He wants to skip 1st grade and enter the 2nd grade. He is sad about leaving his wonderful teacher behind.. but thrilled to be moving on up to the first grade. OK, enough of my depressed mood.. on to the happy day :) His school had a very special ceremony for the class. They sang us songs and his teacher acknowledged all the parents who helped in the classroom.. they got medals put around their necks.. it was a special time.. and I couldn't stop smiling. I am so proud of all those precious kids. I got to talk to a lot of the moms today, and we shared how excited we are to watch these kids grow up. Lord-willing we'll be watching the same kids graduate from high school someday. We want our kids to stay in this school.. it is such an amazing school. We are family there. I love it. I love that Jamey will be having Mrs. Larsen for his kindergarten teacher when he turns five.. and Gracie will have her in five years. So many years ago, when I was praying for schooling ideas... I am so glad I listened to the small voice... when he told me Caleb would be going to Foothills Christian School. I am glad I fought hard to get him in :)