Monday, March 31, 2008

The fastest five years of my life!

I'll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant with Chuck. I was on the phone with Beth and I was telling her that I hadn't been feeling very well for the last couple of weeks... and how I was getting sick of being sick. Then she says... maybe your pregnant... and I say... um no.. I am not. So what do I do when I get off the phone with her?? I go and look for a pregnancy test in my bathroom and pee on it. I sit there watching the pee flow thru the window of the test.. and I watch as one line shows up and then another line shows up.. and then I look at the directions to see what this means... and it says.. two lines equal postive pregnancy test. I start crying and the paper falls to the floor. I then go and find Jeffrey and hand him the test. He says to me... what does this mean?? So I read him the directions front to back.. and then tell him the test is old.. so I am going to go get a new one from the store. So I go and get five more tests.. come home and pee on four of them... and one after another they are still postitive... so I am thinking maybe I am pregnant after all... but not letting myself believe it until I get a blood test from the doctors. That night before I went to bed, I started throwing up. Weeks and days before I have been sick to my stomach.. with that car sick feeling... but no throwing up.. so the next day I pee on the fifth test in the morning... and it is still positive. I go to work, call and get an appointment with my primary.. go the next day. I take one of their in house pregnancy test... and it is postitive. I ask if he could send me to the lab, for a blood test.. and he says no! He then says I have taken seven pregnancy tests and all of them are postitive. He is pretty sure I am pregnant so no he will not send me for a blood test. So I leave there giddy. I call Jeff, and he asked what the doctor said. I said he confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. And he says... oh okay. We make an appointment with the worst gyno ever and on my first visit we find out that I am almost three months pregnant. I was so nervous that visit. Jeff is trying to talk to me while we wait for the doctor and I can't focus on what he was saying... I kept thinking they were going to tell me, that I wasn't pregnant after all. So needless to say I was so thrilled to see my little peanut moving all over the screen. I wanted to have a baby so badly, and for some reason.. I didn't think it was going to happen... but it did... and now I sit here five years later.

Slacking off

I added a new friend to my list today and realized it has been a couple of weeks since I have been on here. The last two weeks have been crazy busy with Caleb's birthday, family in town... something going on every night and every weekend.. and Easter. So as you can see.. not a lot of me time.
Caleb's birthday was nice. I made cupcakes and took them to his class at school.. and he covered his ears when all his little friends sang to him (he must get it from Jeff's side):) then on his actual birthday... my parents arrived in the afternoon.. and then we met Jeff at Costco for Caleb's birthday dinner. He wanted to go and have their pizza and then wanted to go shopping in the store... he is so silly. Then two days later was his birthday party. We had it at Flinn Springs Park, and we had a good turn out of close friends and family. It was SO cold, and everyone stayed anyway... thanks friends :) The theme was Star Wars. Caleb had a good time in his own special way :) and still talks about it. Jamey was sick with something, so he wanted to leave every two minutes.. until Uncle Bobby got his attention and preoccupied him. Thanks Boob!
Easter weekend was busy, but fun. Jeff and I hosted our Sunday School Class month activity.. and we decided a picnic at a park with a Easter egg hunt for the kids would be a lot of fun. We had a good time, and it seemed like everyone else did to. The next day was Easter and we got up and actually made it to the early service and then headed over to Jeff's parents for lunch. It was a fun afternoon with another Easter egg hunt for the boys. This time they had money in them.. Caleb was SO excited :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

So the votes are in........

I got the worse mother of the year award. We took the boys to the beach yesterday.. and I didn't put sunscreen on Jameys back.. thinking he doesn't like playing in the water... he won't need to take his shirt off. Well, Jeff took his shirt off.. and I thought once.. maybe I should put something on him.. but then said.. well he has Jeff's skin.. he'll brown and not burn. Oh how I was so wrong. He is fried!.. and pleasant to be around :( so today was miserable all around. We didn't go either today.. due to me being sick with a nasty upper respiratory virus. I wasn't feeling myself during the day yesterday.. but it really hit me last night when I came home and got into bed. I felt so bad. So needless to say I didn't go. I wanted Jeff to take Caleb to church.. but Jeff was feeling yucky too.. So I went berserk. I never get to be sick by myself.. he always has to join me.. so I got upset and told him that :) and he said he would take care of the kids.. he got up with them after all.. and he would do it.. that still wasn't good enough for me :) I now have to feel guilty cause he doesn't feel well and he is dealing with whiny kids all day. So I left the house and ran a couple of errands. I needed to drop off prescriptions and get groceries for this week.. and get some Aloe Vera gel for Jameys sunburn. I am up and should be in bed.. but the house is quiet.. and my ears are taking it all in. Knowing tomorrow they will hurt again :)
Yes, the beach was absolutely gorgeous.. a bit nippy.. but complete sunshine and no clouds in the sky. It was the breeze that was chilly... but when it wasn't blowing it was warm. I wanted to take the boys tomorrow after Caleb got out of school... but with me feeling like this.. I will barely get dressed to go get him from school :)
We went to one of Jeff's co-workers house last night for dinner. We had Ledah watch the kids. She watches them every Tuesday for our small group night.. and I get her.. if we are going to be out late. So it was a mad rush to get there last night.. since they live about an hour away.. and I made us late.. by curling my hair :) The couple was Bill and Lois and they are in their 50's. Bill went with Jeff to Germany, India, Singapore and Korea. This is the guy he said was a total alcoholic. They have twin daughters, age nine.. they adopted from China eight years ago. Their house is huge. Anyway, another couple joined us. Micheal and Whitney. Micheal is my age, from the East coast. He is the Vice President of a company that wants Jeff's business. So he is working with Jeff and Bill to see if they can use his product in their data centers. So I guess he met up with Bill and Jeff in Singapore and then went out to Korea with them. Micheal so looks like Topher Grace :) Whitney is his live in girlfriend. She is a So-Cal girl he met downtown in a coat room. I guess she was filling in for the original coat checker girl.. and he liked what he saw and visited with her for several hours :) They had their first date the next morning for an hour before he hopped on a plane and headed back to New York City. So anyway, they dated for six months and then she moved to NYC and moved in with him. I could tell she was younger than him.. but wasn't sure.. so we got on the topic of what year we graduated from high school. So there were two class of 96 ( Micheal and me) and Jeff who was '95 and then their was Whitney class of 2003. Man did I feel old for a second :) So it was a fun and interesting night. The twin girls were poops most of the night.. using the dimmer in the dining room... to make it really bright to dark.. back and forth several times. I was about to jump up and slap them them, when their parents asked them to please stop. PLEASE STOP?? Oh my goodness! And then one of them climbed under the table and styled my shoes and hid them somewhere.. so I was walking around their house in bare feet. YUCK! Okay so to the best part of this story. After dinner ( I have to tell you about dinner first) So Bill is all excited to cook for us. I guess it is one of his passions and it relaxes him.. so he had made us a very special dinner. Peppercorn Steaks and some kind of Pasta. So I haven't had meat for a while, so I was looking forward to a yummy steak. Well when it comes to steak.. I am picky. I need it to be cooked all the way through, with NO pink showing. Jeff says I have to have it burnt. Okay, so when my plate arrives in front of me.. I was thinking.. oh.. what am I going to do?? I look at Jeff.. and he rubs my back... like that is suppose to make it all better :) Please! So Whitney's plate arrives.. and all she has is Pasta. I mention something to her about it.. and she say oh.. I am a vegetarian. I think it's cruel to kill animals for meat. So I am thinking.. MAN.. I wish I was a vegetarian right now. So I go ahead and cut open this yummy looking fillet...knowing already what was waiting for me inside. But I am told that once oxygen hits the center of the meat.. then the pink meat will become brown. So I did that.. waiting and waiting and waiting for the live cow to become cooked right in front of me. Meanwhile I am chewing on the Pasta.. and thinking.. this should have been cooked a lot longer. So I am now thinking.. go for it Ann. Cut a piece off and just eat the meat. So I did, and oh my goodness it was freezing cold in the middle. I automatically start thinking that I am going to die from toxins in this meat. So I cut off the edges of the fillet and chewed and chewed on them :( managing to move my food around on the plate.. so it looks like I ate something. Meanwhile... Micheal who is sitting across from me.. is taking very small bites of his fillet and saying over and over how good the food was and thank you so much for inviting all of us. So at first I thought he was being genuine.... and then it dawned on me. He couldn't eat the meat either.. and to make him feel better... he kept saying how thankful he was for the delicious meal. I wanted to kick him under the table. Lois to my left did not eat her meat at all. Jeff finished all his food and so did Bill. Ok, so after dinner... Bill has cigars for the guys to smoke. So that leaves the gals.. and oh don't forget the twin girls. So Lois gets pissed that her husband is outside smoking.. he had quit many years before.. and now he's smoking to prove he's one of the guys. And the girls locked the guys out in the backyard thinking that was pretty funny (yes the world does revolve around these girls) so I mention it's pretty cold outside.. maybe the guys would like to come back in. So they decided to go and check on them.. and one of them comes back in and mentions to Lois that daddy has blood running down the side of his face. So she jumps up and runs to see what is going on. Whitney and I look at each other.. and then start talking about other things.. getting to know each other. I was pretty sure he passed out and fell and hit his head on something. He was drunk before we arrived. So after a long while. Whitney goes outside to talk with Micheal and Jeff to see what happened. Meanwhile I start clearing the table... since I heard Lois in the kitchen doing dishes. So I walk in there, and Bills in there too.. with a nasty cut to the corner of his left eye. Oh man! You could have cut the tension with a knife. So I ignored them telling me to stop cleaning up.. and went on with bringing dishes in. For one, Lois and Bill were hiding out in there ignoring us... and plus there wasn't much else I could do.. other than sit with the girls and watch a dog show. Finally Micheal, Jeff and Whitney decide to joins us.. they sit and eat their dessert. I had already had mine.. and Bill kept looking at his watch, while everyone else was chatting away.. and Lois is still in the kitchen doing the dishes. So I ask Jeff quietly what time it was.. and he mentioned nine pm. So I get up and say what a lovely evening... then asking the girls for my shoes. Hugs go all around.. for such a lovely evening.. and we jet out the front door. Except for Micheal who was apparently leaving his markings behind. Who poops at other people's houses???? Anyway.. we get out and Whitney says loudly... AWKWARD!!!.... and Jeff shushes her :) and then I asked.. what the heck happened outside.. and he says they have no clue they think Bill was putting out his Cigar.. and the next thing they know.. he was getting himself back up and noticed the blood. They were confused too. So.. we said our goodbyes and got into our cars... and Jeff immediately says.. Thank you so much for coming with me. I needed to be here tonight. I said your welcome and you owe me big time. He then went on to say how proud of me he was, for eating raw meat.. and mingling with the gals. It was an interesting night to say the least. I will not be rushing back to Bill and Lois's house for a while. We get back and sweet Ledah is here.. and she and I chat for a good I walk her to the door and we start taking about how quiet it is here and how safe she feels in our home.. and then I was mentioning the surrounding area.. and how out in Lakeside there is a park that at night Satan worshippers to there thing there.. and just has I finish my sentence my front door opens. Ledah and I are frozen starring at the door. I finally speak and say... um.... what the heck.. and she say.. why couldn't it have opened when we were talking about barn animals.. so we start nervously laughing.. and I say I am going to get Jeff and he will be walking you to your car.. cause I am certainly not going to.. So I go and get my sweet husband out of bed. Of coarse he was thrilled to get dressed and go outside in the cold :) Ledah is frozen in the same spot where I left her. We walk her out, wait for her to leave and I ran back inside.. and explain to Jeff what happened.. and he believed me. and was a little concerned too.. since our door was latched.. and there was no breeze. It freaked me out. We'll see if Ledah comes back.. ha!
So that was my Saturday :) It was another crazy day, in the life of Ann Tepfer.
I am off to bed!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Let me tell you about my day!

I went to bed at 1am, only to lay there with my eyes wide open.. knowing I needed to go to sleep.. since my alarm would be going off at 4am. I managed to get two hours of sleep.. and my alarm didn't even need to go off. I opened my eyes to look at the clock.. and I read it wrong... thinking it said 4:45am.. so I literally jumped out of bed...trying to figure out what was going on.. to then realize it was 4:04am.. Don't ask me.. I am not sure how my eyes got those numbers mixed up. OK, so I will back up. I was in the process of getting Chuck into this private school for Kindergarten.. and the slots were very limited. So today was open application day. So I needed to make sure I was first in line.. and believe me I was :) and I am glad my analness took over today.. since there was only three slots left for the Kindergarten class. So yes I got to the School parking lot at 4:45am. It was so dark.. and it was cold.. and there was no one else there.. so I sat in my warm car for a bit. I did go up to the office around 5:30a to put a chair there.. so if someone did sneak past me.. they would see my chair. I wasn't feeling very comfortable being in a dark hallway by myself.. plus I could really feel the presence of evil around me.. so I quickly walked back to my car.. and got in and locked it :) Then I started singing.. Jesus..Jesus.. Jesus.. there is something about your name.. Master.. Saviour.. the fragrance after the rain..... so I started feeling a bit better.. then went on to sing The Old Rugged Cross... and then I felt safe again. It was crazy.. but I am glad I listened to the little voice in my head. I was safer in my car. So once it got light, I walked up to the office door and waited.. calling a friend on the East coast and chatting with her.. then finally another parent came. His name was...... oops... I don't remember.. anyway, he has a daughter going into Kindergarten. So he and I chatted for an hour about our Faith. He said something I have never heard before. He doesn't believe in the rapture... and it isn't mentioned in the Bible. So now my head is spinning.. I still believe what I believe, but I am curious of this now. So I will looked into that.
So several other parents showed up right before 8am... they were prompt to open the doors and start the processing. So yay!! Chuck is on the list for Kindergarten for the Fall. He has to take a readiness test on May 2nd. So he and I have lots of studying to do.
So I got out of there to made it home by 8:20a. The school is really close to my house. I was in rush mode. I knew I needed to get Chuck ready for pre-k and myself dressed. I had to be at my church by 9:15a.. it was Monday Morning Moms and I am on the Leadership team. Thank goodness my husband was working from home today. So of coarse I was running late. Got Chuck to school late, and I made it to church by 9:40a... Yes.. I was so late. By now my brain is not working.. I am able to say hi to people.. but I am seriously spacing. Our speaker started her topic.. and I was not hearing the words. All I heard was blah, blah, blah.. and then my name.. and something about perfect penmanship and could I come up and help her. I am thinking... Oh CRAP. What does she want, and what am I suppose to do... so it turns out she wants me to pay attention to what she is reading.. and to write down the key notes.. Ok, so oh my goodness!!! I must of looked like I had serious problems. She wants me to write Prosperous.. my brain broke.. ..I am telling you.. it was mush.. so people were spelling it out for me. Sad thing was.. I KNOW how to spell Prosperous...AUGH!!! So then Successful comes next. I couldn't even figure out what letter that started with. I was too tired to be embarrassed. Thank God someone else came up and took my spot. So as soon as I sat back down in my seat.. I went back into brain dead land. I should have stayed home... but I honestly didn't know how tired I was until I sat down and started listening to the speaker. So yes I made it home safely :) but didn't rest.. since we had a tax appointment today.. and I needed to get all the paperwork together for that. So here I sit. It is 7:31pm. My lovely husband put the boys to bed.. and the house is quiet and my eyelids are slowly closing.. to some that would mean... it's time for bed... and it should.. but I cannot go to bed. It is 7:31pm. It is way to early to go to bed :)
So anyway... that was my day. Chuck got into the school I have been wanting him to go to.. ever since he was born... and I started stressing about schools for him. So I am excited.. thrilled... I am sure I will show more excitement tomorrow.. when I am fully rested :)
I am still in awe over the fact.. that I will have a five year old.. next week.. and he is going into Kindergarten. Wow!! where did the time go??

It has been too long

So I have no excuses for not writing... I am back and hopefully I will be able to visit here more often.