Monday, September 15, 2008

The Cat named Mr. Penis

Okay so I have a short funny story. Today Caleb was doing his school work and nonchalantly without looking up says to me, 'Mama did you know that Grandie's friend who moved into a new house has a cat named Mr. Penis' So I stop what I am doing and look at him, and say' Our you sure it's not Mr. Peanuts... maybe it just sounds like Mr. Penis'... he then goes on to say no he is sure the cats name is Mr. Penis... so I am trying not to laugh and I keep saying our you sure... and then pipes in Jamey who is eating his snack at the kitchen table... he says so confidently.. and proud... yes mama Caleb is right... the cats name is Mr. Penis. So I started laughing and couldn't stop... then the boys started giggling.. later I emailed my mother in law and told her the story... and she wanted to let me know that the cats name is MR.PEANUTS :)
I had a good laugh over it and wanted to share the story :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Open up your mouth mama

So this morning Jamey and I were chatting... and he asked if I really had a baby in my belly... I told him yes I do... so he says he wants to see the baby. He then tells me to open up my mouth... so I do :) and he's looking in there.. and I ask if he sees anything... he then says... yes mama the baby :)