Monday, May 12, 2008

No more tonsils....

So today was Jamey's surgery day. We went in at 6am, and his surgery was at 7:30am. I was able to gown up and carry him into the O.R. and hold him while he went to sleep.. and then showed myself out to find Jeff. He was in there an hour and then was in recovery for an hour.. so we were home by 10am. It was so hard seeing him in pain, so Thank God the nurse gave him some heavy meds while we were still there.. and then I have been keeping up with the Vicodin here at home. I may get up throughout the night and give him some.. that way he isn't in a lot of pain.
He is doing so well. He's been drinking, and ate some jello.. and slept for awhile.. he even ran circles around Caleb when he got home from school.
I know tomorrow will be his worst day.. so I am not looking forward to that. Atleast I know what to expect... since we went through this same thing with Caleb when he was Jamey's age. My poor boys got my disfunctional tonsil gene :) Doctor wanted to know if there were any more kids at home.. he would just line them up and take all the tonsils out at once :)
I am pooped.. and hoping to go to bed early.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

One scraped thumb knuckle and Three ER visits.

I went last week to visit my parents who live in Central California. It was a nice visit.. when I wasn't feeling ill. The night I got there, I was trying to lock their door from the inside, and the door is warped and I had a hard time... so I was turning the key and it finally gave way.. scraping my thumb knuckle off in the process. It hurt and I could tell right away, that it wasn't feeling normal. Two days later I was so so sick. I felt sick to my stomach, and could barely open my eyes.. my head hurt so bad. I knew I was toxic from something.
I came home late Monday night, after 12 hours of driving in the car.. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling the same.. got through the day.. then Tuesday night I couldn't move my thumb. It was bright red and swollen. So I decided to soak my thumb in Colloidal silver.. so I did this for several hours and I could tell it was trying to bring the poison to the surface.. I tried sleeping.. but my arm was throbbing and my thumb was so tight, that I thought it was going to burst. I got up and decided to do surgery on my thumb to relieve the pressure. I couldn't do it, because I kept blacking out. I knew I needed to go to the E.R. So I stumbled back to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed, waking Jeff up in the process and told him he needed to take me to the E.R. So he got up and said If I waited a couple of hours I could see my regular doctor.. and I told him... no something was wrong and I needed to go right now. So we got the kids and left for the E.R. On the way there, I was blacking out and started hurting all over the place.
Got checked in and the nurses were very slow moving.. and I finally told them to hurry up.. I have red streaking up my arm... and whatever is in me is traveling up in my lymph system. So finally the girl said she was working on getting me a room. Meanwhile, Jeff came in with the boys.. I had told him to go home... and I would call him when I was done.. but he was so scared. I think he thought I wouldn't come out alive. So he sat there with our very sleepy and scared little friends. It was hard being so sick and trying to make sure the boys felt safe and secure.
The doctor on call was very sweet and caring, THANK GOD! I wasn't impressed with any of my nurses. Ugh! Those nurses :)
So the diagnosis was Lymphangitis. The doc would need to cut open my thumb knuckle and get the poison out of there (Staph) so he did just that, and then my nurse started the IV antibiotics. Her parting words were, if for some reason you start to itch or burn all over, let me know... but I am sure you'll be fine. HA! Slowly I could feel my skin start itching and then my scalp felt like it was on fire. I kept pushing the call button for someone to help me.. but no one came. Finally I yelled at a nurse walking by and she explained matter of factly.. that my nurse was aware that my call light was on.. but I would need to wait.. she was with another patient. So I matter of factly told her, that was fine.. but I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine.. and it needed to be stopped, NOW!
So she quickly shut the machine off.. and ran and got my nurse and doctor (it's amazing how fast she appeared from being with another patient) "sarcasm" So there are four people looking at all parts of my body.. asking if I was red before I came in... hmm... I don't think so.. I would know if my whole body was on fire! IDIOTS!!... anyway... I told them to finish the meds.. I wanted to get it done with and go home.. so they said they would closely monitor me.. HA! I fell asleep from all the meds they had given me.. but woke up soon after that.. since I started to feel very uncomfortable in my lower abdominal area. I started to get up to use the restroom.. when the day nurse came in (he was male). He told me to wait he needed to check my blood pressure.. I basically told him to shove it somewhere.. UGH! I hate the Blood pressure cuff. So needless to say, I was my sweet self and let him take it. Then I stumbled to the restroom. What medical professional lets a woman on narcotics walk to the bathroom herself?? Thank God for the IV pole, or I would have ended up on the floor..IDIOTS!!!... so I go and I start feeling really yucky.. and I make it back to my cubical and cannot stand up I am hurting so badly. I am trying to cry out and get help, but obliviously I wasn't loud enough. By this time I am sobbing, I am hurting so badly. At this point, I am think I am dying. So finally a cleaning lady is walking by and I ask her to please get someone, anyone I am not doing well. So who walks in?.. My male nurse. I am doubled over in pain on the floor, because I couldn't get on the gurney and he yells at me to get off the floor, it's dirty. It's dirty? Not, oh Ann what is going on.. why are you hurting?? It's get off the floor! So he pulls me up and sits me down on the gurney and I am sobbing and telling him something is wrong with me.. and he needs to figure it out.. and he has the Audacity to tell me that I am probably having a cramp. A CRAMP! I yell in his face, it is not a cramp. I have had two natural child births.. and this pain is 100 times worse. He was not impressed.. and wanted me to lay down... he told me I would feel better. UGH! He is such an idiot. I basically yell at him to go and get the doctor. So my wonderful sweet doctor came running :) and did his little assessment and said he was sending me off to get a CT scan. And then he told me to never, ever take that medicine ever again. Poor guy I think he thought he had killed me.. a slow and painful death. I first needed to go and give them a urine sample.. well it would be easier to pee.. if I had some water to drink. I think I asked everyone and anyone to get me some water, and nobody did. So I am in the bathroom.. passing out on the toilet.. and I would come to when my idiot nurse pounded on the door. I came out and got on the gurney for the CT scan. It's amazing that I knew what to do when asked to do it. I was so drugged up. Came back from the CT scan.. and got some more pain meds.. the pain was so bad.. that the strong stuff wouldn't even take the pain away.
So the doc comes in and says that I have kidney stones and that is what is causing all that pain.
At some point I pass them.. and I remember looking at the nurses station on my way back from the restroom and I looked right into the docs eyes.. and he had such compassion for me.. and I could tell he was worried that he almost killed me. :)So after all that, they told me I could go home. I had to use the nurses station phone, since mine had died ( Jeffrey was calling and texting and couldn't get through) so he came and got me.. and took me home. Both boys were with him, and poor Caleb had 109 questions for me, and Jeff told him not to bother me :( He was so scared. When Jeff left with the boys in the beginning.. Caleb didn't want to leave me.. and then refused to give me a kiss and hug goodbye and I could hear him start to cry. It broke my heart. So after all that I wanted to answer his questions so he would feel better. I slept the whole day, got up at 5pm and went back to bed at 8:30p.. I had to get up early this morning and head back into the ER. My sweet doctor wanted to follow up with me.. and he kept telling me over and over to come in by 6:30a to see him. So I did... and he looked at me, and made a sigh and said he was so glad I looked good.. he was really worried about me.. and now I sit there looking good :) So then he told the nurse standing there the whole story and she couldn't believe it. So I am so glad it's over. It was HORRIBLE.. and I never want to live through something like that again.
Okay... so I thought we would have a quiet day here at home.. HA was I wrong. During lunch time, my boys were being boys.. goofing off.. and all of a sudden I hear Jamey start screaming... you know that scream??.. the one where you think their limbs are being cut off.... so I run to him and he is telling me between sobs that he fell.. and I look at him closely to see he is holding a mouth full of blood .. so I run him to the sink and mop up all the blood and it wouldn't stop bleeding. I have him gargle with water, so I can see where he is bleeding from. I see that he had bit his bottom lip and then he turned a certain way and saw he was bleeding outside his bottom lip. He bit all the way through his lip. UGH!!! So I call his doc and she says to go to Children's. So I drop Tyler off and Caleb off with sitters and run to children's. Jeff met me there. We got in right away and waited maybe five minutes when the doc came in.. looked at him and said it would be more traumatic to suture it.. so we decided to let it heal on it's own. We were there a total of 30 minutes. He is doing fine.. his lip is swollen and sore.. but I bet he'll wake up tomorrow with it healed. With all those blood vessels in and around our mouths, things heal up quickly.
So there is my story.. it was a crazy couple of days. Praise God they are over!!