Saturday, April 12, 2008

I need to VENT

This week has been long and everything that could go wrong has. I have a migraine.. I got it yesterday mid day.. and woke up this morning with it still there. I have a baby shower to go to this afternoon... I had to miss one last night.. due to the fact that I couldn't see straight to drive.. and AUGH!!!!!!!!!
Also, got a letter in the mail yesterday stating from the DMV that we are not covered by car insurance... HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! I spent hours on the phone weeks ago to set up new car insurance before switching over from our old one.. and now this.. so yes I was on the phone yesterday evening with a migraine trying to figure out the mess. I am convinced whoever I was talking with was mental.. and shouldn't be working there.. and I haven't got any clear answers still. Jeff said he will deal with it on Monday. Well good! Cause I quit in the car insurance department. In the midst of that crap last night.. Jeff tells me he got a raise at work.. so at least something good happened yesterday.
The boys have had a really good week with each other. They actually are playing well with each other, with little to no fighting.... YAY!!!!!!!!! Well that changed last night when he got home from spending the day with his Grandie. I am glad that he gets the time with her, but man.. I pay and everyone else in this house when he gets back from spending time with her. He LOVES the one on one time he gets.. and then he comes home demanding it from us... and then treats his poor brother like crap. Poor Jamey... he was stuck with me all afternoon... and he is so excited to see Caleb. He runs up to him and wraps his arms around Caleb.. to then find himself on the ground.. since Caleb just shoved him away. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I sent him to bed early.. and he woke up the same way... SO I am not sure what needs to change today.. but Jeff just offered to take them to Costco with him.. SO YAY!!!!! I get a quiet house for a brief moment. I better go and take advantage of that. Thanks! I feel better now!