Monday, May 18, 2009

So I went to the Strawberry patch with a good friend and her kids today. The last time we went there together, Caleb was three and Jamey was around ten months old. So it was fun to think back... but to be honest.. I can't stand going to those places with small kids, or babies. Gracie was hot, and she was crabby. She wouldn't eat. I even went to my car and turned on the air to get her to eat.. and she just screamed at me.

The boys had fun, but they complained the whole time. Augh I hate when they do that. They were not happy about picking strawberries.. but loved it once they were doing it.. and then of coarse, ate them all up.

It was so funny. Caleb went on the pony ride there.. and they gave him the smallest pony. I was laughing so hard. I did get a picture of him riding the pony :)