Monday, March 3, 2008

Let me tell you about my day!

I went to bed at 1am, only to lay there with my eyes wide open.. knowing I needed to go to sleep.. since my alarm would be going off at 4am. I managed to get two hours of sleep.. and my alarm didn't even need to go off. I opened my eyes to look at the clock.. and I read it wrong... thinking it said 4:45am.. so I literally jumped out of bed...trying to figure out what was going on.. to then realize it was 4:04am.. Don't ask me.. I am not sure how my eyes got those numbers mixed up. OK, so I will back up. I was in the process of getting Chuck into this private school for Kindergarten.. and the slots were very limited. So today was open application day. So I needed to make sure I was first in line.. and believe me I was :) and I am glad my analness took over today.. since there was only three slots left for the Kindergarten class. So yes I got to the School parking lot at 4:45am. It was so dark.. and it was cold.. and there was no one else there.. so I sat in my warm car for a bit. I did go up to the office around 5:30a to put a chair there.. so if someone did sneak past me.. they would see my chair. I wasn't feeling very comfortable being in a dark hallway by myself.. plus I could really feel the presence of evil around me.. so I quickly walked back to my car.. and got in and locked it :) Then I started singing.. Jesus..Jesus.. Jesus.. there is something about your name.. Master.. Saviour.. the fragrance after the rain..... so I started feeling a bit better.. then went on to sing The Old Rugged Cross... and then I felt safe again. It was crazy.. but I am glad I listened to the little voice in my head. I was safer in my car. So once it got light, I walked up to the office door and waited.. calling a friend on the East coast and chatting with her.. then finally another parent came. His name was...... oops... I don't remember.. anyway, he has a daughter going into Kindergarten. So he and I chatted for an hour about our Faith. He said something I have never heard before. He doesn't believe in the rapture... and it isn't mentioned in the Bible. So now my head is spinning.. I still believe what I believe, but I am curious of this now. So I will looked into that.
So several other parents showed up right before 8am... they were prompt to open the doors and start the processing. So yay!! Chuck is on the list for Kindergarten for the Fall. He has to take a readiness test on May 2nd. So he and I have lots of studying to do.
So I got out of there to made it home by 8:20a. The school is really close to my house. I was in rush mode. I knew I needed to get Chuck ready for pre-k and myself dressed. I had to be at my church by 9:15a.. it was Monday Morning Moms and I am on the Leadership team. Thank goodness my husband was working from home today. So of coarse I was running late. Got Chuck to school late, and I made it to church by 9:40a... Yes.. I was so late. By now my brain is not working.. I am able to say hi to people.. but I am seriously spacing. Our speaker started her topic.. and I was not hearing the words. All I heard was blah, blah, blah.. and then my name.. and something about perfect penmanship and could I come up and help her. I am thinking... Oh CRAP. What does she want, and what am I suppose to do... so it turns out she wants me to pay attention to what she is reading.. and to write down the key notes.. Ok, so oh my goodness!!! I must of looked like I had serious problems. She wants me to write Prosperous.. my brain broke.. ..I am telling you.. it was mush.. so people were spelling it out for me. Sad thing was.. I KNOW how to spell Prosperous...AUGH!!! So then Successful comes next. I couldn't even figure out what letter that started with. I was too tired to be embarrassed. Thank God someone else came up and took my spot. So as soon as I sat back down in my seat.. I went back into brain dead land. I should have stayed home... but I honestly didn't know how tired I was until I sat down and started listening to the speaker. So yes I made it home safely :) but didn't rest.. since we had a tax appointment today.. and I needed to get all the paperwork together for that. So here I sit. It is 7:31pm. My lovely husband put the boys to bed.. and the house is quiet and my eyelids are slowly closing.. to some that would mean... it's time for bed... and it should.. but I cannot go to bed. It is 7:31pm. It is way to early to go to bed :)
So anyway... that was my day. Chuck got into the school I have been wanting him to go to.. ever since he was born... and I started stressing about schools for him. So I am excited.. thrilled... I am sure I will show more excitement tomorrow.. when I am fully rested :)
I am still in awe over the fact.. that I will have a five year old.. next week.. and he is going into Kindergarten. Wow!! where did the time go??