Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOW! You look like you are ready to explode!! I hope your baby's due soon!

As I was checking out of Sprouts yesterday, the cashier said these exact words to me. I don't know this lady, even if I did... I do not want to hear this. I am the one who carries this belly around, ALL THE TIME!!
I looked at her and said, no actually I am due in March.. just a big baby... and she says, "I certainly hope it's a big baby." Why in the world would anyone hope I was having a big baby????????
Mind you this is after I left my doctors office, where he told me.. I have gained too much weight with this baby. If I could I would have slapped him, but Jamey was in the room... and I am teaching him.. we do not hit!
I guess this in one of my pet peeves... I do not start off a pregnancy, saying to myself.. hmm.. I think I am going to gain a lot of weight during this pregnancy... and not a lot the next one. My body does what it does, and I do not have a lot of control over it.
With both boys, I gained the exact amount of weight with both. I worked 12 hour days on my feet with Caleb... eating healthy and getting exercise. With Jamey, I had problems from the beginning.. and I couldn't be on my feet a lot, and I certainly didn't exercise. I couldn't, it was a doctor's order. Yet, my weight gain was the same as Calebs. Explain that one!
Now with this little lovey I am carrying. I started gaining weight even before I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't understand why my clothes were not fitting.. I wasn't doing anything differently that would cause me to gain weight, Yet, I was.. and since then it has been non-stop. I am more active this pregnancy, then I was with Jamesjames.. yet here I am.. gaining to much weight!!!
I am convinced our bodies do exactly what they are suppose to.. we gain the right amount of weight for whatever reason. Would I like to be one of the skinny pregnant woman, who loses it before she leave the hospital?? Absolutely!!! But! I am not, and I have come to terms with that... I just don't want people telling me that I am a big fat cow!


Larissa Annen said...

preach it sister! the least i gained was 40 pounds. zander was close to 60! screw them all!

Casey Chan said...

Why can't people just say "Wow, you look beautiful!" ?????

Seriously, people!

Ann, you look beautiful!!!

Everychapter said...

You poor thing! Whatever- you're just fine. People just feel entitled to say whatever random stuff they want to. I can't tell you how many people have scolded us for giving Odie a "boys" name. My grandmother asked if we were going to call her by her first or middle (girly) name right after she was born and when I said first she answered "Oh, I was hoping you would call her by her middle name..." Now what do you say to that?!
I think you look lovely.:)

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...

Ann- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL- don't let those stupid doctors tell you otherwise- tell them it's their job to deliver the baby and that's it!