Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am a terrible blogger

I am sorry, sorry, sorry. It has been since October. Where did the time go?? Anyway, we had a fabulous Christmas. We spent lots of time with Jeff's fam.. and my parents came into town. My dad ended up being sick the entire time they were here, so we didn't see very much of him.
Jeff has been off the last two weeks, so we have been super busy with family stuff. Trying to keep busy with the boys. We went and saw a movie, did the park, lots of play dates with family and friends... went and played in the snow. That was fun, and I loved watching the boys.
We also got a WII for Christmas, so the boys have had lots of daddy time playing that. Caleb is really good... and Jamey is getting better. We have to remind him, that he is ONLY THREE!
My pregnancy is going very well. SO well that the specialist doesn't want to see me for four weeks. I was seeing him every two weeks.. which I loved... cause I got to see the baby in 3-d each time. I can't tell who she looks like, sometimes Jamey and other times... I don't know. She is cute, and BIG. She is in the 69% for weight. I am not worried, I already know I have big babies :) My doc says to start jumping at 35 weeks to get her out, so I don't end up having a 19 pound baby. She is active, and running out of room, already :)
The boys are excited that she is coming soon. Jamey kisses my belly everyday, and asks if this is the day she's coming. He looks at his belly, and tells me to look at it, cause it's moving too.. and he has a boy in his belly.
Caleb talks to her everyday, and keeps asking if she's going to come on his birthday :)He loves watching my belly move, and gets upset when she kicks him :) I will post new pictures, and hopefully keep this blog updated :)


crazydaisy said...

How sweet! I can't wait to meet my niece! Thanks for taking good care of her!