Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My OB appointment

I ended up taking Jamey to my OB appointment, because I forgot to line up a sitter. Anyway, on our way to my appointment Jamey is asking me about seeing the baby... I told him we might see the baby. He then goes on to ask if it's going to be dangerous.. so I tell him no it won't be dangerous... and then he asks me if it's going to be icky and gross... so I then tell him no it won't be icky or gross. Then he asks if the baby is coming out of my mouth.. and then I get what he is asking. He thought the baby was going to be born. So I tell him that the baby is still being made, and isn't ready to come out yet. So he asks if he can still see the baby, and wants me to open my mouth.. while I am driving. So I tell him, he'll have to wait.

We get to the office, and is sucking on a piece of hard candy and starts choking on it.. and is starting to throw it up... meanwhile an elderly lady sitting nexts to us.. jumps up and runs across the room to another chair. Not sure what her problem was :)We finally got the candy out of his throat and calmed him down.

We finally get in the examing room.. and Jamey is watching with HUGE eyes as the doctor lift up my shirt to listen to the babys heartrate.. and after it was all done.. I asked Jamey if he heard the babys heartbeat... and he didn't answer me.. he was so upset that a strange man was touching me. He kept asking, what is that man doing mama, what is he doing... then when Jeff left the room with him... I could hear Jamey ask the doctor in the hallway, what are you doing?? Why you touching mama.

We didn't have an ultrasound.. and we still don't know what we're having... maybe we'll wait till the birth to find out. Lots of people do it :)