Monday, August 25, 2008


Some of you know already, but others don't.... so I thought I would share the good news. Jeff and I are expecting our third baby. Due date is the middle of March.. but with my past pregnancies who knows when this precious baby will enter the world. I am praying for a normal non-bedrest pregnancy.... and I would so love your prayers as well. So far things are going well... and I am trying to stay postitive. I take it easy most days... so I can save up my energy for big events.. :) I keep reminding myself, that God is the Blessed Controller of all things... including my pregnancies... and this isn't a surprise to him.... and he knows what he is doing. Sometimes it's hard not to be nervous of the unknown of the whole situation.... so I keep praying and I don't stop :)


Debbie said...

Yeah!!!!!! Congratulations, I'm sooooo happy for you!!!! How have you been feeling? Its so good to hear from you hadn't posted in so long, I was beginning to if you were still using this site!! :) We are hoping to try for another one here soon! :) Well, congratulations again and hope to hear/see some updates and pictures as time goes along! Love ya! Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered everybody's blogs!!! Congrats on baby #3....I hadn't heard the news. :)
Mary Agbovi