Monday, May 12, 2008

No more tonsils....

So today was Jamey's surgery day. We went in at 6am, and his surgery was at 7:30am. I was able to gown up and carry him into the O.R. and hold him while he went to sleep.. and then showed myself out to find Jeff. He was in there an hour and then was in recovery for an hour.. so we were home by 10am. It was so hard seeing him in pain, so Thank God the nurse gave him some heavy meds while we were still there.. and then I have been keeping up with the Vicodin here at home. I may get up throughout the night and give him some.. that way he isn't in a lot of pain.
He is doing so well. He's been drinking, and ate some jello.. and slept for awhile.. he even ran circles around Caleb when he got home from school.
I know tomorrow will be his worst day.. so I am not looking forward to that. Atleast I know what to expect... since we went through this same thing with Caleb when he was Jamey's age. My poor boys got my disfunctional tonsil gene :) Doctor wanted to know if there were any more kids at home.. he would just line them up and take all the tonsils out at once :)
I am pooped.. and hoping to go to bed early.


Larissa Annen said...

what a precious picture of motherhood!

crazydaisy said...

I keep meaning to tell ou, that hairstyle is very flattering! You're beautiful... As always. P.s. I'm glad Jamey's done with all that!!!